广东快乐十分开奖结果:HSE & Regulatory Affairs / Overview

The International Manganese Institute has a strong and enduring commitment to promoting good corporate citizenship amongst its members. Ensuring that member companies are informed of the best occupational safeguard measures to better protect their workers, that environmental protection regulations are followed and that responsible attitudes are adopted vis-à-vis local communities, are paramount goals at the IMnI.

These challenges are handled by the Health, Safety and Environment Committee (HSE) IMnIs longest standing committee and presently chaired by Rocklin Reed, Group Senior Manager for Safety Health Environment Risk & Quality (SHERQ) of Ore & Metal Company. 

In 2015, the IMnI completed its first 5-year plan at a cost of 4.3M Euros. This has insured the IMnI as the de facto standard for providing the Mn industry with guidance, tools and information allowing it to anticipate health, safety and environment demands whilst improving worker safety, sustainability and ensuring industry profitability.

Currently the IMnI provides the Mn industry with the following abilities:

  • Anticipate & track major regulations worldwide
  • Develop economically sound industry safety standards
  • Study & limit occupational health effects
  • Quantify & evaluate environmental life cycle & risk
  • Knowledge-sharing and best practices through continuous improvement


HSE Lexicon

HSE Lexicon

Every industry, every field of activity has its own particular vocabulary. This is true of the Mn industry. It is...

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HSE Department

HSE Department

The HSE Department is run by the HSE Committee – a committee made up of 11 member companies which meets three...

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